HONDA N-20 Front Pulley Set W/ Bush+Washer + Drive Face Assy./ Berry Red For NEW PCX 150
Code: 999A03N20NPCX150LL
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ADV 150 (ID)
ADV 160 CBS  (ID)
NEW PCX 150 (ID)

1.Pulley with special berry red coating, endurable rubbing & high temperature, lower down the coefficient of friction, make rollers move smoothly, and make transmission       reaction fast efficiently.

   Pulley with special track design for rollers. 

   Depend on the riders’ requirement to adjust increase starting, middle acceleration and extend end speed performance.

2.Pressure plate surface with special treatment, increase the surface hardness, abrasion resistance and better lubricity to lower down the coefficient of friction

3.Hand-made drive face with special berry red coating and laser designed pattern.

   Light design to increase transmission reaction efficiently.