Motorcycle CVT system a Continuously Variable Transmission meaning there's no clutch or gear changing to do. NCY's CVT transmission fluid additives deliver superior friction control, anti-wear protection and oxidation control for belt and chain technologies. This flexibility within the CVT system design can provide better transmission response and fuel economy over other transmissions by enabling the engine to consistently run at its most efficient revolutions per minute (RPM) for a range of vehicle speeds.

  • High performance clutches with paper friction materials.
  • Complete Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)- for motorcycle.

NCY is the superior supplier for Motorcycle CVT System.

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As a mature manufacturer and supplier of motorcycle parts, we enjoy a good reputation in this line and our goods have many advantages such as delicate appearance, abrasion residence, durable in use, lasting life, competitive price, premium service and etc. Whole cvt system set offers you all requirement. Improve & rapid response in starting, middle & end acceleration performance.