SYM N-23 Floated Round Disk 260mm For DRG 158
Code: 414D01N23DRG260RTSLROB


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DRG 158 Keyless
DRG 158

Modifying scooter is one part of art.

NCY requires not only the function, but also the skill and artistry combined design. 

Innovational advanced disk 

Evolutionary structure

Brand new designed floated button

Full of high level up design within thickness 4mm 

1.Rotor is designed with all full face, increasing braking area. 

   Precisely double grinding the disk to make the optimum brake performance. 

2.Decrease the brake pad abrasion. 

   Improve brake pad rubbing disk force unequally as braking.

3.Side with ED treatment to get the great weather resistance.

   Not easy to get rusty and affecting the safety. 

4.Attached NCY N-23 Advanced Composite Brake Pad to get the best braking.