YAMAHA N-23 T Type Rivet Floated Round Disk 282mm For R15 V3 155
Code: 414D01N23R15282TROB


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R15 V3 ABS 155
R15 V3 155
YZF-R15M V4 155
YZF-R15 ABS V4 155

1. Carrier is designed with high strength structure and made of high strength & light material aluminum 7075.

    Rotor is made of 410 stainless steel, special material for brake disk, from Japan.

    Heat treatment HRC 35~38, increasing hardness and wear resistance.

2. Improve brake pad rubbing and disk force unequally as braking.

3. Patented float buttons and double rivets structure design to get the big space floating.

    As thermal expansion, disk still keeps floating effectively, not easily deformed and braking steady.

4. Disk is designed with big space floating.

    As using, there will be some sound of metal knocking slightly.

    This is the normal condition.

    Please understand and accept above before purchasing.